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Entry #3

Not Dead, Still Working

2015-05-22 14:30:05 by spontaneousjunk

Big Project. Big Busy. End Of Summer.


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2015-08-17 19:44:51

I kinda know that feel, but for me, it was work, not school, that kept me from spending too much time on a project. That and I wasn't required to be too creative at school, save for writing, which I didn't do in my off hours... it was only after I got out of that repressive regime called 'school' that I got busy making things like I meant it.

Thanks for following me, hope my posts don't bore you, I don't submit much here, though I'm gonna try some podcasting later this year.... finally get to use some of those Flash soundboards I've hoarded (to my HD) from here over the years!